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How to Spend a Day in Sarajevo, Bosnia: A Perfect Itinerary for Exploring the Best of Bosnia’s Capital

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I had a quick stop off in Sarajevo back in 2019, before I headed to Dubrovnik to meet my brother! Here’s how I spent my day in Sarajevo and below is my list of recommendations for the best things to do in Sarajevo:

Stay at Hostel Kucha

As I was travelling alone at this point, it was important to keep costs low! So it was a Hostel Kucha for the evening.

This modern and clean hostel, located at the top of the city, provided me with a comfortable base to explore Sarajevo. With its welcoming atmosphere and amazing shower, Hostel Kucha proved to be an excellent choice for my short stay and I would highly recommend it.

Walking Through Town and Crossing the Famous Latin Bridge

Walking through Sarajevo was an experience in itself, just to see the bullet-battered buildings – which I believe was from the Bosnian War in the 1990’s.

After that, it was to the iconic Latin Bridge, renowned as the site where Franz Ferdinand’s assassination took place, triggering the start of World War I. It’s a must-visit for history buffs and those interested in understanding the city’s past.

Head for the Cable Car and Marvel at the City Views

After crossing the famous bridge, next stop was to the site of Sarajevo Cable Car. This takes you high above Sarajevo, to experience some incredible panoramic views.

Ascending to an elevation of approximately 1,160 meters (3,805 feet), the cable car offered a glimpse of the city’s mesmerizing beauty and allowed me to experience the pure, clean mountain air of Trebevic. At the top, we discovered the famous bobsleigh tracks from the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Games, which was a fascinating experience.

Discover the Sarajevsko Brewery Museum

Having ventured around the winding bobsleigh tracks at the top of Trebevic mountain, it was time to head back down inside the cable car. Just a short distance away from the start of the cable car ride, you will find the Sarajevsko Brewery Museum – a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts.

The museum provided us with a quick tour of the brewing process, accompanied by fascinating historical insights. As a delightful bonus, you are treated to a complimentary drink, allowing you to savor the authentic flavors of Sarajevsko brew, a beloved local brew.

After the tour and the lovely sample of beer, I decided one wasn’t enough, so I stayed in the Museum bar for more…

4 pints of refreshing beers for me and it was time for bed.

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